Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Governor and staff turn a blind eye to fishermen

In a May 24th interview Ian Bowles, Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs, stated the following in an interview with NPR regarding commercial fishing in Nantucket Sound:

“All we are talking about is a wire that runs through state waters. There weren’t any fishing impacts found in the state review.”

Apparently Bowles has enough foresight to site Cape Wind as an answer to our energy future, but can’t see past three miles when he looks out into the Sound.

It is a shame that Bowles and his boss Deval don’t give a rats ass about our commercial fishing fleet, or the fishermen and their families.

I’m not surprised.

These are the same guys who are accepting 10 million dollars in mitigation monies from the private developer. Apparently this project is not in the public’s interest as Cape Wind would like us to think...Why else would Jim Gordon be coughing up a nice chunk of change to the state? To fund Deval’s plan for free community college?!?

And we can’t forget those commercials Deval ran this past election…Wind turbines spinning effortlessly in the open water.

Since when is it appropriate to base a political campaign on the ill-conceived Cape Wind proposal?

Why Cape Wind should not be possible

Cape Wind’s proposal to construct 130 turbines in the coastal waters off Massachusetts would not have been possible some 20 years ago under Massachusetts state law. Most Cape Wind supporters don’t realize that Nantucket Sound has twice been nominated as a National Marine Ocean Sanctuary, as we designated Cape and Islands State Ocean Sanctuary in the 1970’s.

The designation of state ocean sanctuary ensures that our coastal waters cannot be used for industrial development such as the proposal to place 130 440’ turbines and a 10-story transformer station on Horseshoe Shoal.

In 1986, the Federal Government took back all waters beyond the three mile state limit, and opened the door for Jim Gordon to take public lands for his personal profit.

Why are we willing to sacrifice an area that has already been deemed worthy of protection?

Why is the developer unwilling to move Cape Wind out of Nantucket Sound?

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