Friday, March 30, 2007

MA Senator John Kerry takes stand against CapeWind

It appears that Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has finally joined fellow Senator Ted Kennedy and Representative Bill Delahunt in opposition to the construction of 130 440’ turbines in the heart of Nantucket Sound.

Kerry was questioned about his stance at the New England Newspaper Association Convention held in Boston on March 16.
I think there are some larger issues here than just the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) or now the Coast Guard study, which is going to take place.
It gets better:
“But I’ve always said that I think Senator Kennedy has raised very legitimate issues with respect to the siting process and with respect to location. I’ve also suggested that it’s my opinion that there may even be better locations for it. I’ve sat with Jim Gordon (president of Cape Wind), I’ve sat with the other folks, I’ve met with the Coast Guard people, I’ve tried to do due diligence on it, and I’m not sure there aren’t both windier and, you know, more accessible areas.

“So I am in favor of wind power, but I think we do have to have a siting process. I think we’ve got to have some sort of standard by which these things are going to be put offshore. You can’t do it on an ad hoc basis and just have one private person come in and say ‘Hey, plunk it down here.’ Someone else plunks it down (over there)... . That’s just not a great way to start dealing with national resources. So I think Ted Kennedy’s raised some very legitimate issues.”
Welcome aboard John.

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